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SeroVital is a mid range at best HGH Metabolic Diets Gh-Booster Version 4 is the best formulatin I have found with Fountain of Youth’s HGH Complete a close second.

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SeroVital :: Serovital – The truth about human growth …

A recent Shape magazine article starts out with a very provocative statement: When you see a 50-year-old actress who can pass for 35, you can bet that good genes arent the only things responsible for her youthful glow. Its no secret that the rich and famous of Beverly Hills have been turning to Botox and plastic surgery for years in an attempt to hang on to their youth. But did you know that many among this it crowd have been visiting some of the most expensive clinics in the world for controversial human growth hormone (HGH) therapy? Why? Because they believe HGH helps reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost mood, heighten sex drive, give them plenty of energy, get rid of wrinkles and tighten saggy skin… making them look and feel decades not years, but decades younger. In fact, some are even calling it the Fountain of Youth. Dr. Oz says: A recent study [on SeroVital-hgh] showed patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their HGH levels spike more than 6 times… HGH is a single chain peptide hormone thats manufactured deep within the brain… in the pituitary gland. Its released into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. It passes into your fat cells and can actually cause them to shrink. It enters your muscle cells, stimulating lean muscle growth so you look more tight and toned, even if you havent been working out. When it reaches the skin it maintains healthy blood flow, ramps up collagen production and strengthens the underlying substructure of the skins critical architecture, keeping your skin firm, tight and smooth, which is why so many experts call HGH the youth hormone… and why some believe its the key to combatting aging. The problem is that while our bodies do manufacture HGH, our levels begin to decline rapidly as we age, and until recently the best way to increase our HGH levels was through expensive prescription injections (costs can run as high as $1500 per month). In addition to their high cost, these synthetic HGH injections are also extremely controversial, because some experts fear that introducing synthetic HGH into the body may upset the natural production of HGH. “Even with more than 550 stores, we’re still having a tough time keeping SeroVital in stock!” Until recently, the answer to that question would have been a resounding No. However, in September of 2012, a group of some of the most highly respected scientists in the world presented their research findings at the prestigious Obesity Societys 30th Annual Scientific Meeting. These research results made headlines, because they showed that for the first time, there was an oral compound capable of increasing mean, bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels… by 682%. Since that time The formula that was the subject of these research findings is now being sold by SanMedica International under the trade name SeroVital. And despite its much-hyped research, SeroVital remained an underground sensation… until the famed Dr.Oz discussed the products research on his show. He introduced the show segment by asking his audience, How many of you want to start feeling 20 years younger right now? and then discussed what he called a new frontier:stimulating your bodys production of growth hormones naturally with amino acids. And when Dr. Oz told his audience, I have been searching for this from the day we started the show. Ive been looking for ways of increasing HGH naturally because I dont like getting the injections, you can imagine the frenzy he started. Before long, SanMedica was having trouble keeping SeroVital with its proprietary, highly specialized, patent-pending amino acid formula in stock. It went from underground sensation to full-blown phenomenon. Now, after more than 30 years of time-consuming, detailed research, theres finally an affordable oral formula that encourages the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production naturally, with out dangerous drugs or synthetic hormone injections.

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SeroVital :: Serovital - The truth about human growth ...

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SeroVital HGH – Read Before You Buy! | HGH Supplements Exposed

By: vagueswoosh February 13, 2013 A lot of people fantasize about life when they were 10 years younger. And while you cant go back in time, Sierra Research Labs, like so many other supplement companies, says you can get your body back by increasing HGH levels, specifically they want you to believe you can do it with SeroVital HGH. SeroVital HGH is an HGH releaser, which means it uses natural ingredients like other HGH supplements to increase human growth hormone levels. Today, there are clear indications increasing HGH can provide numerous benefits including: Reduced body fat Increased lean muscle mass Strengthened bones Improved energy levels Diminished wrinkles Heightened sex drive Improved mood SeroVital HGH advertising echoes these benefits, which you would expect. However, its down to the SeroVital HGH formula to actually increase HGH enough to deliver them. After taking some time to look at some studies on SeroVitals formula, I was curious if SeroVital HGH was strong enough to get the job done, so I looked into the product further. Since everything hinges on the SeroVital HGH formula, lets start there. Sierra Research Lab doesnt tell us anything about their formula on their website. To discover that information, I had to look elsewhere. Luckily, SeroVital HGH retails on as well. According to Ulta, SeroVital HGH contains:

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SeroVital HGH - Read Before You Buy! | HGH Supplements Exposed

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SeroVital :: Where to buy Human Growth Hormone Increasing …

Product Information Scientists have finally developed an affordable oral formula that encourages the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production at a more youthful rate*, naturally, without dangerous drugs or synthetic hormone injections. Its called SeroVital-hgh. And it just might change your life. Currently not available in Canada. In September of 2012, more than 500 of the most highly respected scientists from around the globe gathered in San Antonio, Texas to discuss the latest research at the prestigious Obesity Societys 30th Annual Scientific Meeting. At this exclusive conference, the results of a double-blind clinical trial were revealed for the first time… an orally administered compound capable of increasing mean serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682% had finally been discovered*. The study was groundbreaking in its scope, because it showed, for the first time, that a proprietary combination of amino acids can stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the bodys own HGH levels a mean increase of 682% in both men and women and across an appropriately wide age range. But thats not all. In more recent studies, this same oral compound was shown to significantly increase VO2max (the established measure of endurance) and improve parameters of sleep efficiency.* In short, after more than 30 years of time-consuming, detailed research, scientists have finally developed an affordable oral formula that encourages the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production at a more youthful rate*, naturally, without dangerous drugs or synthetic hormone injections Adults take 4 capsules by mouth on an empty stomach, either in the morning two hours before breakfast or two hours after dinner prior to bedtime. Do not exceed 4 capsules in any 24-hour period. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 4 Capsules Servings per Container: 30 Daily value not established.

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SeroVital :: Where to buy Human Growth Hormone Increasing ...

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SeroVital HGH Reviews – Get the Turth about SeroVital HGH

Ever since Dr. Oz quoted SanMedicas HGH study, the world cant stop talking about SeroVital. I have found the fountain of youth via Dr. Oz, says Ronald Reavis on Facebook. Its called SeroVital HGH. I talked to a reporter about a new supplement Im taking, SeroVital, adds Kevin James Bennett, celebrity Makeup Artist. The stuff is working for me end of story. Supposedly SeroVital is designed to increase HGH levels by as much as 682% without the need for expensive prescription injections. Yet despite its glowing reputation, I cant help but question the product. Does it deserve its time in the spotlight? ALSO RECOMMENDED: Click Here to See the Top-Rated HGH Supplements of the Year SeroVital is formulated with amino acids specifically chosen to stimulate the pituitary gland and increase HGH production: L-Lysine HCI. Lysine is essential for protein production and boosting immunity. It is often used to improve athletic performance. Studies show lysine, when combined with arginine, provokes, a release of pituitary somatotropin (HGH) and insulin. However, consumers should note the study featured 1200 mg of both lysine and arginine. [1] does not list specific ingredient concentrations, so its impossible to tell if it contains this amount. Assuming SeroVital is much like Growth Factor 9 (a performance enhancer that utilizes SeroVital), then chances are likely that formula only contains 2.9 grams in the entire blend. This is not enough to contain clinically proven amounts of each ingredient.

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SeroVital HGH Reviews - Get the Turth about SeroVital HGH

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SeroVital :: HGH What is Human Growth Hormone & How HGH Works

Abstract: Background The use of amino acid supplements to provoke growth hormone (GH) secretion in athletes and entertainers now extends to the general public. Not only do they have a goal of building lean tissue and reducing fat, but also in improving skin quality and other rejuvenating qualities that they believe GH can provide. Despite increasing mainstream use, evidence for whether oral amino acids stimulate GH is not clear. Methods: This was a cross-over, placebo-controlled randomized study. 16 (12 males; 3214 years; 26.45.0 kg/m2) healthy subjects had serum GH measured at baseline and 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after taking a single low dose proprietary amino acid supplement blend (SeroVital) or placebo. Results: After 120 minutes, GH levels had increased 8-fold from baseline (0.17 to 1.33ng/ml) and were significantly higher than placebo (P=0.01). In addition, a significantly higher mean AUC was observed after taking the supplement [20.4 (95% CI: 19.9-21.0ng/ml) vs. 19.7 (95% CI: 18.7-20.6ng/ml); P=0.04]. Conclusions: Our results show that a single oral dose of these amino acids can significantly increase GH Levels after 120 minutes in healthy men and women. Whether these GH changes persist over a longer duration or have other positive effects is being further examined. GH-deficient adults have marked reductions in lean body mass, and within months of GH treatment, gains in lean body mass, skin thickness and muscle mass were observed.1-3 It is well-established that intravenous (IV) administration of some amino acids results in significant GH secretion4,5 presumably via inhibition of somatostatin (SS), Figure 1, (also known as Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone). Such studies prompted testing of oral amino acids supplements (mainly arginine, lysine and orthinine) to stimulate GH secretion,6-10 albeit with mixed results and limitations in the studys designs. Our aim was to rigorously determine whether oral amino acids can stimulate GH secretion, since athletes, entertainers and even the general public commonly take these supplements and believe GH has rejuvenating properties. This cross-over, placebo controlled, double-blind study involved 16 healthy subjects [12 males, 4 females; 9 Caucasian, 6 African American, 1 other; mean age= 3214 years; body mass index=26.4 5.0 ranging from 19.1 to 36.8kg/m2] (IRB Number 10043). Each subject reported to the Inpatient Unit on two occasions one week apart. After an overnight fast, subjects had an IV line placed and baseline bloods samples were drawn at -30, -15, and 0 minutes. Subjects were then asked to swallow the capsules of supplement (SeroVital) or an identical looking placebo. SeroVital is a novel 2.9g/dose blend of l-lysine HCl, l-arginine HCl, oxo-proline, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, l-glutamine, and schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder. Blood was drawn at 15, 30, 60and 90 and 120 minutes for assay. Human GH was measured at each time point using the Siemens Immulite 2000 (intra-assay CV was 3.72%, inter-assay CV was 5.70%, and the detection limit for GH was 0.05ng/ml. Mean growth hormone increased eight-fold over baseline (equivalent to 682%) after the supplement from 0.17 at baseline to 1.33ng/ml at 120 minutes compared to a mean decrease of 52% after placebo from 0.93 to 0.45ng/ml (Figure 2). The mean change in GH levels from baseline to 120 minutes (GH at 120 minutes minus GH at 0 minutes), was 1.15 (95% CI: 0.17, 2.14) ng/ml after the supplement versus -0.48 (-1.47, 0.50) ng/ml after the placebo, demonstrating a statistically significant differential effect (P=0.01). After the supplement, the mean AUC for GH across 120 minutes was 20.43 (95% CI: 19.90, 20.95) ng/ml/min which was significantly higher (P=0.04) than placebo at 19.67 (18.74, 20.59) ng/ml/min. Overall, 120 minutes after taking the supplement, GH levelswere significantly higher in both absolute levels and by AUC. The absolute magnitudes of these results are somewhat difficult to directly compare among past studies, as commercial GH assays use different antibodies to target specific GH epitopes resulting in differential sensitivities towards specific isoforms and fragments of the GH molecule. This results in variability of the normal range of the GH measurements in different assays. Indeed, the same GH sample measured using different assays can vary 2-3 fold.11,12 Yet mean levels of GH reached after the subcutaneous injection of 0.06 IU of HGH in the treatment of GH deficient subjects was 0.4ng/ml, a value that was clearly in the range of values seen in our study with oral amino acids. 13 Furthermore, our normalized percentage increase matches the magnitude increase of previous positive study results on GH secretion.6-10,13,14. Overall, we report an eight-fold increase, equivalent to 682%, in GH levels 120 minutes after a single oral supplement of SeroVital.Our study had a broad range of ages and BMIs and included both genders. An additional advantage of our study over previous GH evaluations is that it contained a placebo control group and was randomized and double-blinded. Future studies will examine whether regular increases in GH with oral amino acids increase strength and vitality. This indeed may be the case, since elderly subjects administered oral GH secretotgogues for 6 and 12 months have sustained increases in lean body mass and improved physical function.14.

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SeroVital :: HGH What is Human Growth Hormone & How HGH Works

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San Medica SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplement …

Optimum growth hormone levels have been associated with wrinkle reduction, tightening saggy skin, decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, stronger bones, improved mood, heightened sex drive, and making users look and feel decades – not years, but DECADES – younger. SeroVital-hgh is the first and only clinically proven hGH booster to increase mean, endogenous, serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682% in both men and women of an appropriately wide age range.

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San Medica SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplement ...

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SeroVital hgh Beware of HGH Scams! – Surprise zone

The best HGH supplement available in the market As a woman like you, I also want to preserve my youthful glow. I have a very hectic work schedules. Stressful activities, insufficient sleep, and sedentary lifestyle make me look older than my actual age. I also feel that my body easily gets tired, becomes weak, and I am also irritable. As a matter of fact, there are times when I dont feel the desire for sexual activity. I also noticed that fine lines start to appear, especially on my forehead and areas surrounding the eyes. I have tried different products, but none of them truly address my problem. I have tried using products for my face, taking energy booster supplements, and even sex enhancer products, but all of those turned out to be a waste of money. A friend told me that I should try taking HGH supplements. I am not familiar with this product and so I conduct a thorough research on the internet. The internet has indeed answered all my questions and I also find out that there are a lot of HGH supplements available in the market today. One that stands out among the rest is SeroVital Supplement. I decided to give it a try and I was very amazed with the results. I never thought that there is one specific product that could address all my health problems. I am sharing this insight with you because I want to share with you my success story in regard with using HGH supplement. What is SeroVital hgh Supplement? It is a type of human growth hormone supplement, especially formulated to restore your fountain of youth. Unlike any other HGH supplements in the market, SeroVital is not in pill form. It is a distinct amino acid formulation that signals the pituitary gland to naturally secrete human growth hormone. As a matter of fact, SeroVital is far better than HGH injections. It is actually a healthier and more natural option because it increases the HGH level the natural way. It does not rely from outside source. As a matter of fact, SeroVital is considered five times effective than other types of HGH supplements in the market. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking HGH supplement so that maximum benefits can be achieved. What is human growth hormone? Human growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the brain, particularly by the pituitary gland (the master gland). If the pituitary gland releases human growth hormone, it will go directly into the bloodstream and will be distributed evenly to different parts of the body. If HGH passes through your fat cells, it will make your fats shrink. If it will go through your muscles, it will significantly make your muscle leaned and more toned. It also promotes healthy skin as well as ramping up the collagen production. As a result, it will keep your skin hydrated, tighter, and smooth. With these benefits, experts believed that human growth hormone is the fountain of youth hormone.

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SeroVital hgh Beware of HGH Scams! - Surprise zone

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"THRIVE" Boost your HGH Levels Naturally & Affordably! – Video

“THRIVE” Boost your HGH Levels Naturally Affordably! The Nectar of Youth: The Age Defying formula Serovital in the product called “Thrive” is taking the public by storm. It is designed to naturally return your … By: The Fountain of Youth Network

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"THRIVE" Boost your HGH Levels Naturally & Affordably! - Video

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"Fountain of Youth" Pill Huge Draw at Prestigious Dermatology Conference

DENVER, March 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Despite the fact that human growth hormone (hGH) is highly controversial, an hGH-boosting product called SeroVital-hgh caused quite a stir at The American Academy of Dermatology's prestigious 72nd Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, which ended yesterday. Because human growth hormone is no longer just for men. Everyone from soccer moms to Hollywood A …

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"Fountain of Youth" Pill Huge Draw at Prestigious Dermatology Conference

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HGH Molecule

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